About Us

Hello & Welcome,

Here's a bit about ourselves:

Since meeting and marrying each other in the 60's we have lived very busy lives together, being in the agricultural and horticultural trade until our retirement.

Once retired we then wanted a hobby that would keep us active and occupied, so we decided that photography seemed like a good idea.

When we had accumulated a large amount of images we felt that our own website would be an ideal way for us and others to view them.

We have always lived close to the coast in South West Lancashire.

One of the reasons why we have chosen the name Astland Photography for our website is because it is derived from the ancient name of the River Astland that is local to us.

It is now known as River Douglas or River Asland, and whilst courting as teenagers we have walked its banks together many times, to this day we still live in close proximity to it.

All the images that you see on our website are taken in the United Kingdom.

The website was launched for Christmas 2011.

We do hope that you enjoy our photographs.

Thank you for visiting our site.